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our team

The vision of WMMO is to bring men together with a singleness of heart to uphold the deity of Christ as being God's only Son and that our only salvation is in His shed blood. In this common belief lay's the very foundation for every man's spiritual, physical and daily life. In this belief, let God have the freedom to work in and through every man to accomplish His will. 

Men drawing together, fellowshipping and working together for developing a oneness of spirit, mind, and body. Focused upon following the Lord Jesus Christ. However, the organizational leadership is made up of interdenominational board acting in an autonomous mode being duly recognized in its 

structure and operations. 

our Team:
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ken armstrong
Rick south

Executive Director

Executive Director

Worship Leader

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cole mcclain
Mike Shaffer
randy badge

Youth Director

Chief Financial Officer

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guy wambaugh
larry dorwin
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robert jenkins
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